Jennifer Johnson

Creativity and Awareness Coaching: creative arts, intuitive journeys, meditative inquiry

Jennifer practices creative arts and awareness of energies. She is an artist who blends two forms of inquiry with clients: The Work as created by Byron Katie, and the Terrain of Essence teachings of Kim Lincoln. Sessions are guided meditations that can lead to creative expressions.

Jennifer, an artist since childhood has been studying and practicing the two inquiry methods for over seven years, and is teaching and sharing them with groups and clients. Private sessions can be one inquiry method, or a combination of the two inquiry methods.

Jennifer offers online sessions via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. In-person sessions can be experienced at her studio in Olympia, Washington USA. Sessions are typically 90 minutes. The suggested donation is $75 USD.

A session begins with discussion of personal concerns and wishes. There is a guided meditation into a loving journey of inquiry that awakens awareness of physical sensation, thoughts, and emotions. This is a full embodiment experience in which one can unfold and align into deeper truths and essence!

To learn more about The Terrain of Essence teachings, visit: http://www.terrainofessenceteachings.com

To learn more about The Work of Byron Katie, visit:  http://thework.com

Jennifer’s art pieces include paintings, drawings, poetry, video, and a few songs. In her works, she expresses subtle qualities, feelings, and flows she witnesses in nature and inner landscapes. Most of the pieces are for sale.

Contact Jennifer at 22jjen@gmail.com for questions about sessions and art.

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